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La Justa

Josué Meléndez

Rodrigo Calveyra

Miguel Tantos Sevillano

Fabio De Cataldo

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La Justa is a world class historical wind ensemble, formed by four of the most sought after period musicians of today.  

Dedicated to exploring the expressive soundworld of the sackbut and cornet, La Justa’s aim is to rediscover some of the most iconic works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods and to bring a fresh approach to other iconic works that have remained in the musical canon.

La Justa offers a fresh approach to early music performance, whilst remaining loyal to historical practices. 

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Stolen Gems

Early music masterpieces under the spotlight 

Stolen Gems comprises a selection of virtuosic masterpieces from across the centuries which have been uniquely arranged for sackbuts, cornets and recorders while remaining closely aligned to the historical origins of the original versions.  Stolen Gems is performed by the four founding members of La Justa.


Roman Splendour

The legacy of Roman counterpoint 

A larger programme, Roman Splendour is performed by five instrumentalists, an organist and a singer (mezzosoprano).  The programme is compiled of sacred and non-sacred music by Palestrina and Victoria and their disciples as well as diminutions by Francesco Rognoni.

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